Painting Fun Spot Birthday Boys & Girls (Adults and Children alike) now PAINT FOR FREE (read further) 

  • Bring in proof of Birth Date (birth certificate or drivers license or school ID or passport) and the birthday guest of honor (the person who's birthday it is) can paint a "Paint & Take" item of $15 or less in value for free (+ or - two days from their birthday). Not valid for carry-out nor for gift certificates..

Painting Fun Spot has hosted over 500 Birthday Parties in the past 7 years.  "We know parties," and we will help make your loved one's special day, fun, memorable and stress free.  

Painting Fun Spot has a Private Party Room capable of hosting groups of up to 20 painters. If you wish to pay extra to reserve this room for your event, (so that you can also enjoy eating Dessert, opening Presents, and potentially having a Painting Fun Spot dedicated Event host).  Please click the following link to our Private Party Room information page.   

Otherwise, to schedule your Birthday Party at Painting Fun Spot in our unreserved space, you just have to decide upon a date, time and duration (our recommendation is 1.5 hours, please read the Tips section below for more guidance) Then print off our free Party Invitations (with directions) from this website to invite your guests, and then just show up to paint at our art studio at that time.  It's really that simple!  Prices of items are clearly marked on each sample and the day of the party you just pay for what the artists paint.  Once the artists are finished painting we seal it and it is ready to go within 10-15 minutes (in bags with the artist names on them).

PLEASE NOTE: Without reserving the Private Party Room you won't have space guaranteed for your group (nor can you bring any food or drink) but we have a massively large art studio able to accommodate multiple parties at one time and have never had to turn away groups of painters.   You will have the freedom to come in at any time you wish during business hours and no reservation fee. We ask that for groups of 6 or more artists to please call Painting Fun Spot 10 minutes in advance so that we can prepare for your arrival.  

Painting Fun Spot is conveniently located nearby Cold Stone Creamery and Barnes & Noble (which has a Starbucks Bakery within it) so you can easily take your party to those locations after painting to buy and eat dessert and to open up presents.

Exciting News!  - March 14th, 2014

The Barnes & Noble Starbucks Bakery (next door to us) is extending a 10% Discount for all products to Painting Fun Spot Parties who take their group to their location after painting to have dessert and drinks (which you purchase there) and open up presents!

Tips/Hints for the best party ever:

  • If you have a very large group (over 12 artists) coming to your Birthday Party, schedule it to begin right at Painting Fun Spot opening so that space will not possibly be an issue.
  • Plan to spend about $16.00 per artist.  That's our average.  We have thousands of clearly priced items that vary in price.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before party start time (unless start time is at Painting Fun Spot opening) so that you are here to welcome your guests before they arrive.
  • Plan ahead for where you want to take your party for gift opening and dessert after everyone has finished painting  - Cold Stone Creamer and Starbucks Bakery inside Barnes & Noble are the most convenient, but there are many other places at or around the Jefferson Pointe outdoor mall.
  • Do not bring decorations, noise makers, gift-bags, or balloons to Painting Fun Spot.  Our studio is gorgeous and meticulously decorated so you can save your money and not purchase those things.  Painting Fun Spot  has Lollipops and Temporary Tattoos complementary and available upon request to all artists (one each).
  • Painting time for young artists is typically less than older artists.  For ages 5-7, plan on painting to be done in about 30 minutes.  For ages 8-11, plan on painting to be done in about 1 hour.  For older artists 1-2 hours.  Build in additional time to open up presents and to eat dessert.