Birthday Boys & Girls (Adults and Children alike) now Paint for FREE!

Bring in proof of Birth Date (birth certificate or drivers license or school ID or passport) and all birthday guests of honor (those who are specifically celebrating their own birthday) can paint a "Paint & Take" item of $15 or less in value for free (+ or - two days from their birthday). Not valid for carry-out nor for gift certificates..

Painting Fun Spot has a new Private Party Room

Hey Everyone, a new Private Party Room is available to reserve at Painting Fun Spot.  It comfortably seats up to 20 painters (a few more if the artists are kid-sized), you may bring in dessert and presents to open up and we even have a dedicated Party Host you can reserve to help with your event!  Details may be found at our Private Party Room Page.

Additional good news includes a relationship with our new Jefferson Pointe neighbor "Great American Cookies."  You may order deeply-discounted custom-decorated 16 inch Cookie Cakes and 2 liter bottles of soda from them for your Private Party Room venue.

Painting as a meditative process

I was listening to a wise person talk about how we can deduce our true passions even our purpose in life by reflecting upon what we used to do (and looked forward to doing) when we were young that caused us to lose track of time and brought joy to our lives.  For me painting was such an activity.  I remember painting in preschool on an easel and always looking forward to that activity (and regularly asking to do it again after the first time).  Then as time went on I really didn't spend much time painting except for an occasional art project for school.  I definitely enjoyed art class and although I spent more time drawing and watercoloring than painting with acrylics or oils, I frequently found an inner peace while creating a work of art.  

Today this still happens.  I find my mind sometimes wanders but generally I enjoy the act of creating without much thought outside of what I am doing with my brush or pencil at the time I am using them.  I don't know for sure if this act or process is necessarily "meditation", but it certainly is satisfying.  Sometimes at Painting Fun Spot you will meet new and interesting people to talk with while creating your masterpiece.  At other times you may just enjoy the innate solitude found when you engage in the meditative process of painting.

Lots of new things at Painting Fun Spot

Spring break 2014 is in full swing at Painting Fun Spot.  Today Monday March 31st, my kids and I are excited to head into "work" to meet new people and to spread some happiness. Mondays are always interesting days at our studio as most of Fort Wayne's Entertainment options are mysteriously closed and today is likely to be really busy for us due to the break.  We are ready for you!

We have some new items on the shelf (bird houses, ninja turtles, a few more banks, and more items we can fire than ever before.  Painting Fun Spot also has an awesome duo of employees (Karissa and Ellie) the likes of which have never been seen before - "their power is only exceeded by their mystery" and they are absolutely a blessing for our store and any artists fortunate enough to be here when they are!  We have new brushes and even have canvases you can paint in addition to the plaster and bisque/pottery/ceramic items we are known for.

We cannot wait to see you today and regardless of whether or not you come in to paint; I hope you have an awesome day!  Today is a blessing and I am grateful for my friends and family and wish you all happy travels, good fortune and interesting conversation.



I was reminded today why I started Painting Fun Spot

It's an interesting thing to start your own business and to rely upon it as your sole source of income.  We're all under financial pressures, but when you're a business owner, employer, and have a family to take care of in what appears to be a multi-year economic recession, things are really kicked up a notch.  Under such stress it's easy to lose sight of what's really important and why you are doing the things you are doing but today I saw so many happy people leaving the Painting Fun Spot Art Studio was I reminded.

I've told this story at least a hundred times, but I was inspired to start Painting Fun Spot a little over 7 years ago because my mother and sister (and cousins who lived nearby) and I went to a similar place when I was in preschool (over 35 years ago) and lived in a different part of the country.  It wasn't "beautiful" or even "clean" but it was a source of childhood happiness for me and my family.  I have memories sitting with my family and often also across from complete strangers at large wooden picnic tables, painting and talking about life.  At the end of our painting sessions we took home our completed creations and to this day, over 30 years later, my family and I still have a few of them in our homes.  

Something really struck a cord with me as I remember telling my parents that I loved making art, new friends, and happy memories while at that small art studio.  My parents planted an impressive seed when they then told me I could own a place like that someday!  Decades, later I was finally in position to open up Painting Fun Spot, and just a few years after that I find myself at Fort Wayne's Jefferson Pointe Outdoor Mall in a beautiful location I built-out myself just a few months ago!  

Although I sometimes am exhausted from pouring hundreds of pounds of plaster each week, doing the marketing, finance, strategy and operations components of running the business, it is truly gratifying to know that each and every day my business brings happiness to others, helps them to make great memories of their own, and that if nothing else, I've shared a little love in this world of ours.  

To my supportive family, I want to share a heartfelt thank you for the continual encouragement and for providing me the tools I needed to do this.  To my loyal customers, thank you for sharing your life and time with me and my family.  To my past and current employees, I know I am blessed to have (or to have had) you in my life, and that you are the pillars of this business and without you we couldn't be open.  To God and all the others who have helped "make it happen" (too numerous to name), I am very grateful for everything.  Thank you.  

It has taken me far too long to realize that when all is said and done, all that really matters is spreading love.  I came across a quote the other day that resonates with me so I close this post by sharing it: "If you have the power to make someone happy, do it, the world needs more of that!"

Ramping up for Spring Break Fort Wayne

Been busy making lots of items to put on the shelves in preparation for Fort Wayne's break (March 28th through April 6th 2014).  We have some new items to paint and or glaze, both plaster and ceramic.  We will be offering deals as break approaches so be sure to join our mailing list for free coupons ;-)

This is a first for Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day everyone from Painting Fun Spot ! Today I broke a long standing unintentional pattern of my life of not wearing anything green on Saint Patrick's Day... without any sort of forethought I actually put on my only green shirt in my entire wardrobe this morning!  In celebration, mention this post and get 20% off your entire purchase today... a rocking discount for sure and one which will save you some Green!

Exciting News for Birthday Parties at Painting Fun Spot!

Exciting News!  - March 14th, 2014

The Barnes & Noble Starbucks Bakery (next door to our Art Studio) is extending a 10% Discount for all products to Painting Fun Spot Parties who take their group to their location after painting to have dessert and open up presents!