Lots of new things at Painting Fun Spot

Spring break 2014 is in full swing at Painting Fun Spot.  Today Monday March 31st, my kids and I are excited to head into "work" to meet new people and to spread some happiness. Mondays are always interesting days at our studio as most of Fort Wayne's Entertainment options are mysteriously closed and today is likely to be really busy for us due to the break.  We are ready for you!

We have some new items on the shelf (bird houses, ninja turtles, a few more banks, and more items we can fire than ever before.  Painting Fun Spot also has an awesome duo of employees (Karissa and Ellie) the likes of which have never been seen before - "their power is only exceeded by their mystery" and they are absolutely a blessing for our store and any artists fortunate enough to be here when they are!  We have new brushes and even have canvases you can paint in addition to the plaster and bisque/pottery/ceramic items we are known for.

We cannot wait to see you today and regardless of whether or not you come in to paint; I hope you have an awesome day!  Today is a blessing and I am grateful for my friends and family and wish you all happy travels, good fortune and interesting conversation.