Painting as a meditative process

I was listening to a wise person talk about how we can deduce our true passions even our purpose in life by reflecting upon what we used to do (and looked forward to doing) when we were young that caused us to lose track of time and brought joy to our lives.  For me painting was such an activity.  I remember painting in preschool on an easel and always looking forward to that activity (and regularly asking to do it again after the first time).  Then as time went on I really didn't spend much time painting except for an occasional art project for school.  I definitely enjoyed art class and although I spent more time drawing and watercoloring than painting with acrylics or oils, I frequently found an inner peace while creating a work of art.  

Today this still happens.  I find my mind sometimes wanders but generally I enjoy the act of creating without much thought outside of what I am doing with my brush or pencil at the time I am using them.  I don't know for sure if this act or process is necessarily "meditation", but it certainly is satisfying.  Sometimes at Painting Fun Spot you will meet new and interesting people to talk with while creating your masterpiece.  At other times you may just enjoy the innate solitude found when you engage in the meditative process of painting.