For those of you wishing to reserve a private room for your special event, A large and beautifully decorated space just for you!  This private room can comfortably seat up to 20 painters (a few more if the painters are kid-sized).  

Availability is limited so we recommend calling or visiting Painting Fun Spot as far in advance as possible.  As with planning any Painting Fun Spot event, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FIRST VISITING Painting Fun Spot if you have never been to the studio or seen the Private Party Room..  This way you will know what to expect.  If you visit during a weekday staff will likely have plenty of time to answer all your questions and give you a tour.

There is a FEE to reserve the private space and another to receive a dedicated Party Host (these FEES are not deposits, they are non-refundable fees you pay at time of making the reservation in person via Cash or Credit Card):.  For those of you wanting a Dedicated Party Host (someone who will help with painting, cleaning up, and keeping the party on-track), consider this option as it can greatly reduce event stress and is worth the added expense.

  • Private Party room for up to two hours: $30.00
  • Dedicated Painting Fun Spot Party Host: +$20.00

Guidelines for Private Party Room use:

  • Dessert and Drinks are allowed.
  • We do not recommend nor encourage serving actual meals at Painting Fun Spot Party Room events (we have found that serving a meal AND dessert AND painting together requires too much time and coordination to be optimal for most events).
  • Decorations are permitted (continue reading).  We have standard 6ft long rectangular tables in our Private Party Room..  Table coverings are permitted (you will want 2-4).  Table toppers and balloons attached to the table toppers or chairs are also permitted.  No decorations may be affixed to the walls or ceiling and Balloons are to remain within and attached to Party Room fixtures at all times (children are not allowed to run around the main art studio space with balloons as they may bump/knock over ceramic inventory).. To clarify, no streamers, no posters, no banners may be hung on the walls in the Private Party Room.
  • We do not permit noise-making toys or devices, (including radios/phones/iPads playing music, videos, etc) at Painting Fun Spot events.  If we can hear it, you will be asked to mute or turn it off as we have a built in preprogrammed sound system for the entire studio already.